London Breast Screening

The benefits of being a Mammography Associate (Associate Practitioner)

The role of a Mammography Associate in a London breast screening service offers an opportunity to start a career within the NHS, and existing staff the opportunity to develop technical skills in the area of screening and health promotion.

This role enables people to work closely with the public, ensuring earlier diagnosis of breast cancers, which in turn enables better outcomes for clients.

The L4 Mammography Apprenticeship allows people to earn while they are training, and a permanent role will be available on completion of the course.

To explore what opportunities are available to become a Mammography Associate (Associate Practitioner) in London, please contact us.

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Meet the team
Tyler is a Mammography Associate Practitioner Apprentice working for the North London NHS Breast Screening Service.

In this video Tyler shares the reasons why she chose to train to become a Mammography Associate and shares the experiences and benefits she has gained whilst working for the London NHS Breast Screening Programme.

Meet more of the team
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In each episode we meet another colleague working in London's NHS Breast Screening Programme. They share their career stories, their career ambitions and personal passions, and the sometimes surprising and unplanned routes to senior leadership.

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